Brands and Breeds

Consistency comes with a program tied to a specific breed or brand.

Specialty beef packers target specific market segments with niche breeds such as Black Angus or Japanese Wagyu beef.   Pork producers offer a variety of heritage swine breeds most notably Berkshire pork known for its marbling and flavor. Others are developing cross bread lines capitalizing the best features from the Durac, Landrace, Chester White and Yorkshire breeds.

Through the USDA, beef packers and trade organizations are able to offer branded beef programs tied to specific grade schedules.  The most famous Schedule, G-1, belongs  to Certified Angus Beef.  These schedules define the breeds, grades, maturity, marbling and carcass attributes that cattle must meet to qualify for the program, narrowing the broad criteria established in USDA grades.  The result is consistently sized and marbled beef served to your guests.

Some caution is required because the intent of these programs are not the same.  Some "premium" programs are just a rebranding of commodity USDA select programs with few if any requirements.  These programs are often promoted by large distributors whose sales staff is trained to sell brands and prices with little regard to the product actually in the box.

Many of our customers have developed successful marketing program by tying menu items to a specific brand or breed.  SmithCo has established relationships with wide range venders and access to the products you desire.  We listen to your requirements and find the breed or branded programs that is sure to satisfy your customers.