Certified Angus Beef

SmithCo is Washington's best source for Certified Angus Beef.

Certified Angus Beef is not just another Angus brand.  Only one in four Angus cattle meet all ten of the marbling, age, size and carcass requirements in the CAB specification.   Beyond requiring modest and moderately abundant marbling, the CAB specification calls for medium or fine marbling texture to ensure dependable flavor and juiciness.  Specifying only the youngest, "A" maturity cattle, ensures exceptional coloring, tenderness and texture. Constraints on the minimum and maximum size of the cattle lead to consistent thickness and plate coverage.

Certified Angus Prime Beef similarly refines the USDA Prime grade disqualifying 65% of the cattle graded as prime.  Over 31% of prime beef come from steers culled from dairy cattle.  Dairy cattle are not breed for meat production and do not develop the same as angus.  Dairy cattle grow more slowly, are more likely to be older animals with smaller mussels, have more external fat and deliver an inconsistent product.   Putting Certified Angus Prime Beef on your plates will ensure the quality and consistency that guests demand.

More and more customers prefer all natural foods.  In addition developing and monitoring the quality of beef, the Certified Angus Natural Beef specification requires that cattle are never given additional hormones, antibiotics and never fed animal by-products.  Ranchers raising cattle for the Certified Angus Natural Beef program must provide documentation showing their strict adherence to the program. Through the feedlots and into the packers, the natural cattle are identified and kept separate from other animals.  If it does become necessary to treat an animal with antibiotics, it is removed from the program.

Certified Angus Beef is proud of their product and is ready to provide you with marketing and training support.  We are ready with the products and expertise you need to bring this highly successful program to your tables. 

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