Our Commitment to Safe Food

From senior management through all of our team members, SmithCo Meats employees are committed to supplying our customers with high quality safe food.  

To achieve this, are implementing a Safe Quality Foods (SQF) program under the guidelines of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).  The ownership of the company has resolved to provide the resources and tools needed to achieve and maintain this certification and ensure that all team members have clear understanding of their roles, expectations and the processes required to meet our objectives. 

SmithCo Meats will manufacture safe, high quality products under conditions which comply with our programs and all applicable federal and state regulations and guidelines. Compliance with the requirements of these agencies and our SQF program will be ensured by internal, external audits and product testing and a program of continuous improvement. 

Our goal is to provide quality products and services that constantly meet or exceed our customer expectations. Our SQF level two certification will be backed by supplier approval processes, well defined product specifications and clear food safety policies and procedures. To build a culture of food safety, these programs are beeing developed and implemented by our employees.  These employees meet regularly and strive for continuous improvement in the safety and quality of our products and services as well as the safety and efficiency of our operations.

Roles and Responsibilities:

●  Senior leadership and managers are responsible for providing the most current resources for the development and continuous improvement of our food safety systems.

●  The food safety team is responsible for providing leadership and direction for continuous food safety and quality improvement, recommending strategies, organizing resources and assisting managers with the implementation of improvement plans.

●  SmithCo Managers are responsible for the implementation and monitoring of food safety and quality program improvements and ensuring compliance with all state and federal regulations and guidelines. They are to make recommendations for process improvements to the food safety team based on their observations.

● Team leaders at every level are responsible for the integrity and execution of the food safety, and quality programs and compliance activities within their respective departments.   They will execute corrective actions as needed to maintain these programs and ensure product quality and safety.

●  All team members are responsible for the quality of their own work and the work of their team.   They are to ensure adherence to all programs, specifications and regulations and reporting deviations to their team leaders.

●   All visitors, contractors and vendors are responsible for respecting our culture of food safety and adhering to our programs and their requirements, 

Commitment to these principles and responsibilities will ensure that throughout our industry, SmithCo will be regarded as the premier provider of safe, high quality products that consistently exceed our customer’s expectation and lead to our continued growth and success in the furture.